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EV Sens is a technological solutions developer founded in 2016 by Hans Tremblay and Serge Doucet.


The mission of EV Sens is to accelerate the transition to renewable energies by developing and marketing technological products to better control its energy expenditure.


EVA: Energy monitor with advanced features


We want this versatile product to help our customers better manage their energy consumption. By knowing in detail the cost of each device, our customer is able to make informed consumer decisions. In order to protect the investment of our customers, we have designed a flexible device allowing updates via the Internet and giving us the possibility of constantly increasing the available functions without replacing the hardware.

Electron-Volt (Symbole eV)

En physique et en chimie, l'électronvolt ou électron-volt (symbole eV) est une unité de mesure d'énergieÉlectronvolt

To reach us
EV Sens
65 de la Fenière
Québec, Qc
G2E 1X8
Conseiller stratégique
Hans Tremblay
President & Co-Founder

Hans graduated from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canada) in Administration with a specialization in Business Law.


Owner of a Tesla model S since June 2014 he is passionate about the electrification of transport and renewable energies.


He is involved in various events related to electric cars, and is a on the board of the Tesla Québec Club, a non-profit association of 700+ Tesla owners and enthusiasts.


Prior to Ev Sens he had a successful career in real estate. His knowledge of real estate combined with his passion for renewable energy and technology allows him to have a clear vision of what EV Sens can provide as a solution to make buildings more energy efficient.


Hans is responsible for EV Sens orientation and strategic partnerships.

Serge Doucet
VP technology & Co-Founder

Serge holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Laval University (Quebec, Canada)


As a researcher and scientist, he participated in the publication of more than 25 published scientific papers in various international journals and conferences. His work also led to a US patent on a new type of laser emitting several wavelengths and also two international applications (PCT) for specialized optical filters.


Serge is responsible for the technological direction and product design of EV Sens

Marc-A Lapointe
Senior programmer

Marc-André completed a Bachelor's degree in Physics Engineering at Laval University in 2007 with a specialization in Photonic Optics as well as Instrumentation and Power Electronics and a Master's degree in Engineering Physics / Applied Physics.

We note his participation in 7 scientific publications and two patents.


His role with EV Sens is to develop advanced functions to enable our customers to better manage their energy and thus lower their monthly electricity bill.

Martin Bouchard
Stragegic advisor and mentor

Martin Bouchard is a successful entrepreneur bringing significant expertise to EV Sens.


Among the notable facts, he was co-founder and president of Copernic (sold to and Coveo (spin-off of Copernic), founder of 4Degré (sold to Videotron).


He is currently head of SenseAI, a company using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to optimize energy management at the industrial level.


He acts with the leadership of EV Sens as a strategic advisor and mentor to guide important decisions related to the development of the company.

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