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Ev Sens presents EL-iot

EL-iot is '' Electric Internet of Things ''

Our new platform for remote monitoring and maintenance of electrical devices based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology

Linked to our current reader designed and manufactured by Ev Sens, EL-iot is able to monitor the operating status of all your electrical devices in real time and notify you in the event of a breakdown or malfunction.

Industry 4.0

Stay connected to your production

Modern Factory: Female Project Manager a

Because you want to control your production and maintenance costs, it is important to monitor the '' health '' of your machinery.

The EVA system with induction sensors based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology is economical and allows you to know the operating costs per machine in addition to quickly notify you in case of failure.

Smart building

hand holding mobile phone with analyzing

Intelligent energy management

Whether for a single building or for a building stock, you will be able to know the operating and heating costs of your buildings and ensure rapid monitoring in the event of a device malfunction.


Air conditioning-ventilation-heating

Metal industrial air conditioning vent.

Supervision of air conditioning, heating and lighting devices in buildings

A multi-site platform allows you to know the operating status in real time of all the ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment installed at your customers' premises.

Charging station network manager

electric vehicles

electric automobile charging with charging pile.jpg

Calculation of the consumption cost of charging stations for electric vehicles

Overview of your network of multi-site charging stations, cost calculation per charging session, warning in case of breakdown, tonnes of CO2 saved and much more with our manager platform.

Le module de surveillance électrique EVA par Ev Sens se branche au circuit du panneau électrique associé à l'appareil que vous voulez surveiller. Il transmet les données au cloud Ev Sens via une connection wifi
Les données sont accessible sur la plateforme EL-iot à partir d'un ordinateur ou appareil mobile ayant accès à Internet

Residential solution

Home energy monitor

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Web Platform


Flexible web platform

allowing you to see your power consumption data with history by period of time

Weekly report
by email for an overview at a glance of the power consumption of the last week
Live monitoring
for a real-time view of the consumption of each electrical device connected to the EVA module

Residential solution

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